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25 May 2009 @ 05:33 pm
Intro Post  
Welcome to Pop_In_Asia, the livejournal for Communications and Media student, Perriwynkkle (online name, whose dream is to host a show on either the Travel Chanel, MTV or VH1 all about Asia and the wonderous and usually hilarious world of Asian pop music.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved Japan and Korea, specifically, for their popular culture and popular music. The tastes in both of these coutries differ incredibly and the markets fluxuate all the time.

Japan may be the larger and more known of the two countries, but Korea has a booming entertainment economy with a wide range of talented stars all contributing in the Hallyu Wave which has been sweeping the world since around 2001.
Yet don't leave Japan out! Being the second largest economy in the world, Japan brings ecclectic, forever changing tastes to music lovers. From traditional enka to screaming hard rock, no one knows who will top the Oricon Charts next.

I will review the major popular songs of both Korea and Japan, showcasing two songs each week for as long as I keep intrest in this journal.

If you don't like my comments you can kiss my ass.

Comments are enjoyed, especially if you have CONSTRUCTIVE opinions and not HARSH/ANTI-FAN objections. (Of the band, singer, or sadly, me...)

Thank you for your time, I will start with reviews as soon as I can.

Your journal operator,
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